All About The Box

My Busy Box includes all the materials your child needs to get crafting straight away.  

All you need to provide is a safe space for them to get creative, and maybe a table covering….. just in case!

What's Inside the Box...

● All the tools and materials you need to make TWO fun and inspiring craft activities*
● Easy to follow step by step instructions
● FREE extra activities: more creative ideas, games and suggestions
● One of the collection of 3D animals to make and decorate from the box itself!
● An attractive ‘Super Maker’ sticker to wear and be proud of
● Some spare googly eyes – because you never know when you’ll need them 
● A pencil: they’re always useful!

All My Busy Box materials are specially chosen to be child-friendly, safe and, wherever possible, natural and sustainable.

*scissors and sellotape are not included as we know most of you have these knocking around somewhere! If you would like to include some in your box just click on Extras and we will be happy to add them to your Busy Box.

Box Layflat

They're Collectable!

My Busy Box - Arts and Craft Boxes

My Busy Boxes are collectable too!  Each box features a brilliant 3D animal to make; collect the whole range to create your very own wildlife park, zoo or animal sanctuary to learn about and look after

My Busy Box Activities

Every Busy Box activity is thoughtfully designed by our team of educational professionals with children’s enjoyment, skills and emotional development as the focus. Each activity is really do-able, adaptable and fun – whether you’re looking to fill a rainy Saturday morning, a sunny school holiday, hosting an arty party or looking for an ideal gift to spark childrens’ imaginations.

My Busy Box activities offer just enough of a challenge to fully engage children, to inspire them and to ensure your child can take pride in their finished craft and enjoy a rewarding sense of achievement.

My Busy Box activity instructions are purposefully designed using clear, easy to understand language and colourful images to enable children aged 6 to 12 years old to enjoy their craft making independently. Younger ones may need a little bit of grown-up help now and then – so adults get to join in the fun too!

All My Busy Box activities have been tried and tested by a number of very helpful children. Boys and girls of various ages have all given the activities the thumbs up. Trust them; they know best!

My Busy Box Games

There’s a fantastic creative game idea in every Busy Box. Each game is suitable for children, and grown ups, of all ages, and generally needs only a pencil and some paper. The games are designed to be enjoyed again and again, in small or large groups and to be played almost anywhere.

They’re a great way to relax and enjoy quality time together, inspire creative thinking and have a break from all those screens!

We’ve even included a FREE pencil in your Busy Box so you can get gaming straight away!

Top Tips and Suggestions

You’ll find these on the inside pages of each Instruction Leaflet :

 Top Tips – helpful tips for children to get the most from their craft activities,
develop their new skills successfully and complete their craft project as they want.

Suggestions – Motivating ideas for how to extend each child’s creations to
promote creative thinking and inspire further imagination.

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