There are TWO main crafty activities in your box to enjoy and make as well as games to play and ideas to extend on the crafts made. The main activities will keep your little creative person busy for 1-2 hours initially and the Top Tips and Suggestions will ignite imaginations and provide hours more creative fun. 

There’s also an extra 3D animal activity to make and decorate from the box itself that’s great fun! Collect the set, make them all, build a wildlife park…! Happy days! 


Of course! Just let us know what you’re missing. We’ve got giraffes, crocodiles, elephants, camels and zebras!

Arts and crafts parties are a wonderful way to celebrate and enjoy time with friends and being creative together whatever your age! They also provide perfect keepsakes and mementos of the special day.

For your arty party choose the same theme Busy Box for each child! Doing and making the same activities as each other creates a buzz of togetherness and shared acheivement! Add any Extras like party bags and you’re good to go!

On the day, all you need to provide is enough space, a table covering to protect your table, a joyful sound track to provide a background of creative calm, some scrummy nibbles and the occassional helping hand for little fingers.

Don’t forget to share your party pics with us! #mybusybox

There’s a different, fantastic game in every Busy Box. Each game is suitable for children, and grown ups, of all ages, and generally needs only some paper and a pencil. The games are designed to be enjoyed again and again, in small or large groups and to be played almost anywhere.

They’re a great way to relax and enjoy quality time together, inspire creative thinking and have a break from all those screens!

We’ve even included a FREE pencil in every Busy Box so you can get gaming straight away!

Busy Boxes include all the tools and materials children need to get crafting straight away, apart from a pair of scissors and some selloptape as we know that most of you will have these knocking around somewhere! Should your chosen activities require either of the above it will be mentioned in the Busy Box description.

If you would like to include scissors or tape please add these to your basket from our Extras Shop.

Absolutely! And for a range of ages and abilities too! 

From our years of experience providing arts and crafts experiences to children we have found that whatever the craft offered a child will enjoy to process of just being creative, learning new skills and the huge sense of pride in what they have made.

It’s all about the rewarding sense of acheivement and the pride a child takes in their finished craft, whether that be a flying rocket, a tissue flower, a crocodile or a unicorn! Being creative is just great fun!

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