Host Your Very Own Arty Party

Memorable, fun, stress-free children’s parties at home for your special young party person

Order a Busy Box for every guest, add a party bag and filler for each guest from our Extras and your Arty Party will be good to go!  All you need to do is provide a safe space for the kids to get crafty and maybe a few party nibbles – always good for creativity!

Every busy box includes:

● All the tools and materials you need to make TWO fun and inspiring craft activities*
● Easy to follow step by step instructions
● FREE extra activities: more creative ideas, games and suggestions
● One of the collection of 3D animals to make and decorate from the box itself!
● An attractive ‘Super Maker’ sticker to wear and be proud of
● Some spare googly eyes – because you never know when you’ll need them 
● A pencil: they’re always useful!

All My Busy Box materials are specially chosen to be child-friendly, safe and, wherever possible, natural and sustainable.

*scissors and sellotape are not included as we know most of you have these knocking around somewhere! If you would like to include some in your box just click on Extras and we will be happy to add them to your Busy Box.

ARTY party bags include:

ANOTHER cool creative craft for each guest to enjoy at home

Enough space inside to carry home their creations, as well as a piece of cake, if you’re offering!

A blank sticker for you to be able to personalise each bag

And…for every party booking we will provide fun party game ideas and top tips on how to run a successful Arty Party!

 Order your boxes today and let the celebrations begin!,


Choose a Busy Box for each party guest.


Add on the Arty Party bags, fillers and any extras and head to the checkout.


 Relax and look forward to the fun!

top tips for a sucessful arty party

Choose  the same theme Busy Box for each child. Doing and making the same activities as each other creates a buzz of togetherness and shared achievement!

All you need to provide is enough space, a table covering to protect your table, some scrummy party nibbles – and the odd helping hand for little fingers,  if needed. Oh!; and a camera, to record the fun and merriment of your Arty Party. Don’t forget to send us your pics for the Busy Box gallery! #mybusybox

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